Thursday, October 6, 2011

Largest Participation in Open Source Software User Event

Record : Largest Participation In Open Source Software User Event

Venue : Program Titian Digital, SJKT Methodist Kapar

Date   : 6th Oct 2011

Time   : 8.30am - 5.00 pm

No of Participants : 1101

Details :

Program Titian Digital ICT lab was equipped with 41 pcs to a server that runs on Ubuntu (Open Source) platform.  The lab was donated by Selangor State Government

Students at SJKT Methodist has been undergoing classes conducts by Program Titian Digital (Managed by
Pertubuhan Belia Hindu Pelabuhan Klang) since June 2011.

Each class was allocated 15 minutes time to run Open Source Kolor Paint program and design some basic graphic works.

Each student was required to fill us a participation form that to be handed over before entering the lab.

Witness : YB S. Manikavasagam , Ahli Parlimen Kapar

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