About Us

Hindu Youth Orgnisation Port Klang

About Us

Hindu Youth Organisation Port Klang (HYO) has been conducting ancillary services in education & human development on a non-profitable basis since 1985. Since then about 18400 students have benefited from academic classes, leadership camps, spiritual camps, religious classes and ICT education provided by the organization.

Vision of HYO Port Klang

To Be the Most Dynamic, Vibrant and Recognized Youth Movement In Klang By 2015
 Mission of HYO Port Klang

To Develop Healthy Youths through Creative Initiatives to Excel In Education, Spirituality, Socio Economy, Leadership And Sports

To Instil Cultural Values and Develop Volunteerism, unity And Social Awareness among Youths to Promote ICT and Vocational Skills Among Youth

            Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) provide a great development opportunity by contributing to information dissemination, providing an array of communication capabilities, increasing access to technology and knowledge, among others.
However, access to and the cost of ICT continue to be a major development
Obstacle, particularly in the developing world.  In partial aided schools located mostly at peri-urban and rural areas the problem is even bleaker, where infrastructure is either old or non-existent. And these areas are home to a great majority of economically underserved communities. 
As ICT are to becoming only mean for improved economic conditions, a holistic ICT   programs most needed particularly in tackling those young children that neglected by macro policy whom resident mostly at rural and peri-urban areas. 

Understanding the need, Program Titian Digital:

  Builds ICT Labs
  Conduct ICT Classes
  Recruit, Train and Mentor ICT Tutors
  Train School Management members on importance of ICT
  Develop student workbook and ICT Tutors teaching guide
  And continuously monitor the progress
  Auditing ICT Lab & ICT Account
  Conduct ex-students and parents classes

Purpose of Program Titian Digital

     To equip all partially aided Tamil schools with ICT labs.
-   To help Tamil school students to acquire ICT literacy.
T  To help reduce the Digital Divide between urban, urban poor and rural communities.

Objective of Program Titian Digital
To create opportunity for economically disadvantaged primary  school students, especially in rural areas acquire ICT skill
To create opportunity for ex-students , youths and local communities, especially in rural areas to acquire ICT skills
To provide opportunities to teachers, especially from rural schools to use ICT in their teaching & learning
To develop ICT curriculum and teaching & learning materials to be used in ICT classes
To continuously train the ICT tutors and monitor the implementation of the ICT program
To continuously do research and development to the program.


A Community Project Coordinated By :

Mailing Address:
NO. 17-C , Solok Sri Sarawak 36,
Taman Sri Andalas
41200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel : +603- 33240678
Fax: +603- 33241678
email: info@hyoportklang.org
web : www.hyoportklang.org
Website : www.titiandigital.org
Blogger : www.titiandigital.blogspot.com


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