Sunday, August 21, 2011

Discussions Held During PTD Penang & Kedah Visit

17th August 2011 - During PTD recent visit to Kedah and Penang following discussion was held:

a) SJKT Ladang Bukit Sidim , Kedah
b) SJKT Ladang Padang Meiha, Kedah
c) SJKT Sg Ara, Penang

Prior visiting SJKT Sg Ara, Penang the project team discussion with Chairman of Tamil School Committee of Penang State Government Dato Dr Anbalagan.

First Titian Digital Lab in Kedah

16th August 2011 - SJKT Wellesley , Lunas , Kedah will be first Program Titian Digital ICT Lab after mutual understanding was reached between the school administration, PIBG (PTA) and PTD Steering Committee.

Present during the discussion was Program Titian Digital Steering Committee Chairman, PTD Northern Region Coordinators Mr Subha Rao and Mr Ravi , School headmasters, Senior Assistants, and PIBG Committee members together with technical support Nexus with PTD Management team.

PTD managed to secure some 50% funding, while PIBG agreed to work on remaining 50% before end October 2011 to enable some 800 students benefit from the ICT Lab where school begins in 2012.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

PTD : Centralised Committee Meeting

Program Titian Digital Centralised Committee Meeting was held on 6th August 2011 at Klang Executive Club, Selangor.

Some 55 members comprise participating school headmasters , parent and teachers association Chairman, secretary and treasurer together with School ICT Coordinators participated.

The meeting was held in two session with first session chairman by PTD Steering Committee Chairman Mr K Gunasegaran while second part was chaired by Nexus IT Solution Managing Director Ir Dr M Saravanan.

During the first session , the meeting was briefed in details on
a) roles of each partners i.e School, PTD Steering Committee and donors. 
b) PTD Lab as part of School
c) Retaining PTD ICT Tutors and package
d) Use of PTD Labs by local communities

The second session was more toward technical where problems and solutions associated with current PTD labs was discussed.