Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LOGO : Program Titian Digital

Let's Teach ICT to Kids

You may have notice my recent post on Digital Divide. Currently I'm working on a project called Program Titian Digital with HYO Port Klang and Malaysian Comminuty & Education Foundation (MCEF).

The United Nations' Annual Human Development Report 2001 which studied the relationship between technology and economic prosperity came to the conclusion that poor people need more innovation and access to technology, not less.

While at our home ground, a joint study by Monash University and Yonsei University , South Korea found that :

 a) People of Indian Origin have the lowest use of ICT among three ethnic group
 b) Government Assisted land scheme (Such as FELDA) has the highest ICT adoption rates: and on the other hand POP (privately owned plantations) has the lowest adoption rates

The study also suggest Government has vital role in providing access to appropriate ICT infrastructure for homes and schools in the POP . Does, that happen in Malaysia  where Information is the life blood of communities in knowledeg-intensive society. In many rural areas across the globe, weak and uncoirdinated ICT development plans not only hinder reasons for widening the knowledge and wealth gaps between rural and urban communities.

Realising the Important of ICT, Selangor State Government had sponsored some Labs to Tamil schools in the state.  While for other states are working NLFCS, Magnum, Astro, Rotary Club of Kelana Sg Ujung . Some lobbying also taking place at Federal level thou signal still look blank.

As a community can we let our rural /estate tamil school student in darkness knowing ICT will overtake. Only with ICT knowledge our community can leapfrog or be in par with others in coming days especially with government High Income Transformation plan. Do we want to see our community stranded again during next Economical Transformation tsunami.

Can we joint hand together sponsor a fully function ICT Lab. That has  41 terminals connected to a server, with table, chair, projectors, screen, Edu-Ubuntu /open source software. Do kindly visit for some details of the program.

We will be happy to organise a Hi-tea program in KL or PJ should there is keen interest from members of public  to explain further on our Initiative.

Appreciate if we can co-operate .

S. Arikrishnan

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Got attracted to a question post by  Subba Rao Jaggaram, Selangor at Personal Webiste of Dato Sri' Najib Razak :

What are your ambitions as PM of Malaysia? 

I wish to see all Malaysians enjoy a better quality of life in future with Malaysia’s economy on an established platform of growth. In more specific terms, this means Malaysia becoming a high-value, high-income and highly-skilled nation by 2020, with an emphasis on sustainability and inclusiveness.

In parallel with this vision is my hope to see enduring national unity in Malaysia, a continuous effort since we achieved independence 53 years ago. Without national unity there cannot be political stability, a foundation of all other things. Once our differences are celebrated as a source of strength, then I can say that my unity dream has been realised.

My comment to the post :
Mr PM , I refer to " I wish to see all Malaysians enjoy a better quality of life in future with Malaysia’s economy on an established platform of growth. In more specific terms, this means Malaysia becoming a high-value, high-income and highly-skilled nation by 2020, with an emphasis on sustainability and inclusiveness."

How can you achieve this when projects such as Pusat Internet Desa and other telecentres under National Broadband initiatives worth Billions of Dollar only focus in certain area. Your office may have overlook those residing in Plantations as study shows usage of ICT are lowest among this population compare to other rural site. Statistics may show good penetration rate but when compare intra rural statistics the result may indicate our concern. if you have time do review :

Take Note the following facts :

A ) Digital Divide can hinder the advancement of knowledge and limit the socio-economic development of society

B) World Economic Forum (WEF 2009/10) placed Malaysia at the 27st position out of 133 countries in the world

c) Worst Still, Boardband penetration in the rural areas is less than 1%

d) Government formulated National Broadband Initiatives in 2010 with total investment of RM12 billion as part of strategy to increase ICT among it’s citizens

e) Rural ICT centres’ such as Pusat Internet Desa, Medan info Desa,,, E- Community Centre , Community IT Selangor, EMosque Melaka, KETENGAH IT.

f) By end 2009 – Rural ICT telecenters are
                a) 42 Rural Internet Centres,
                b) 240 Community Broadband Centres
                c) 11 Mini Community Broadband Centres
               d) 58 Community Communications Development Programs
               e) 7 Kampung WiFi Project
               f) 110 Community Broadband Libraries

Expecting 100,000 new Jobs by 2017  under  10th Malaysia Plan , New Economic Model , National Broadband Initiatives , HighSpeed  Broadbrand(HSBB) .

Note:  None of the Rural ICT telecentre located at any privately owned Plantations (ESTATES by SIMEDARBY or alike)  . What will happen to those workers and their offspring?

  GALS : Government Assisted Land Scheme
  POP : Privately Operated Plantations
  TAC : Traditional Agriculture Communities
  FV    : Fishing Village

Percentage of Internet Usage among four Communities : Only 5 % at POP (Privately Operated Plantations)

Another Interesting Finding :
People of Ethnic Indian Origin have the lowest use of ICT among the Three Ethnic Group. The percentage of Indians in rural areas that use the Internet is 4 percent, which is more then 300 percent Lower that that of Malays and Chinese.

We have done our part , by initiating Program Titian Digital . What's your contribution ?  Are we going to blame the government or wait for another 50 years just to acknowledge Indians been nailed down.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Official Opening Ceremony of Titian Digital at Ladang Cairo School

Official Opening Ceremony of Negeri Sembilan's first ICT Lab under Program Titian Digital was held on Nov 14, 2010.

It was officiated by Tan Sri Dato K R Somasundram, Chairman of National Land Finance Cooperative Limited.

Titian Digital Module Development Workshop

Titian Digital Module Development Workshop was held on Oct 24, 2010. Educationist
and It professionals participated in this workshop.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rotary Club Kelana Sg Ujung Visit Program Titian Digital Lab

Members of Rotary Club Kelana Sg Ujung, Seremban visited Program Titian Digital Lab at SJKT Ladang Cairo , Mantin near Seremban here.

School headmaster welcomed the club members and PTD officers. Later school PTA chairman joined the discussion and was briefed on PTD implementation and school progress.

Members of Rotary Club amazed on the progress of ICT teaching by such rural vernacular school.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sept 24 ,2010 Shah Alam- YAB Tan Sri Dato Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim official opened a state government donated ICT Lab at Sg Renggam Tamil Primary school near here.

The ICT lab is a community initiative between Hindu Youth Organisation Port Klang, Malaysia Community and Education Foundation, School Parents and Teachers Association and Donor, where Selangor Government donated some 7 such labs during it's fiscal year 2009 and another 5 more under 2010 budget.

The Selangor Chief Minister was impressed with achievement of Sg Renggam Tamil School ICT students where a student communicate online with a businesswoman from Chennai, India during a video conference telecast at the event.

Minister Besar also pledged the current government will work harder to ensure the soil's revenue return to it's people while will continue help vernacular schools.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Opening Ceremony of Batu Ampat Titian Digital Lab

Batu Ampat PTD Opening Ceremony 30/8/2010 from politickler on Vimeo.

Official Opening Ceremony of Batu Ampat Tamil school ICT Lab under Progamme Titian Digital was held on August 30th 2010. Selangor State Exco Member who is also Sri Andalas State Assemblymen Hon. Dr Xavier Jayakumar graced the event.

This is first ICT Lab funded by Pakatan Rakyat Selangor State Government official declared opened, while another 5 was funded by MCEF and Magnum Cares.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Docu produced by Indrani Kopal in 2007.

Tamil schools, like the Chinese schools, are often seen to be sidelined by the government, though they are said to be an integral part of the national education system.

Former education minister Musa Mohamad once stated in 2000 that Tamil schools should be regarded as 'the responsibility of the community' although the Constitution provides that "there shall be no discrimination against any citizen in providing out of the funds of a public authority financial aid for the maintenance or education of pupils or students in any educational institution ()"

In 1957, there were approximately 888 Tamil schools which were established in rubber estates predominantly resided by workers of South Indian origin.

Today the number has been reduced to 523 mainly for the purposes of development.

(Text: Malaysiakini/Jiwi Kathaiah)

This documentary gives Malaysian Indian an insight of the ongoing struggle of Tamil schools in Malaysia.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Programme Titian Digital - Student's work

Programme Titian Digital - Student's work

Video shows some assignment using Ubuntu's Paint software taught to them under
Programme Titian Digital.

Programme Titian Digital- SRJKT Sg Choh, Selangor

This is second ICT Lab setup with collaboration of MCEF. Some 426 students from this
school currently begin taught ICT education.

Note: some creative works done by the children.

Date of Visit : 24th August 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Opening Ceremony of Information & Communication Center

Information & Communication Center Of SJK (T) Batu Ampat, Klang under the Programme Titian Digital will be official opened as per details below :

Date : 30th August 2010
Time : 7.30 pm
Venue: SJK (T) Batu Ampat, Klang
Guest of Honour : YB Dr A Xavier Jayakumar, Selangor State Exco Member
cum Sri Andalas State Assemblyman

Programme Titian Digital - Bukit Rajah Tamil School

Video shows Fully Functions ICT Lab at Bukit Rajah Tamil Schools , District of Klang, State of Selangor, Malaysia.

About 150 students currently utilising the Lab.

This project was supported by Malaysian Community for Education Foundation (MCEF) and Persatuan IbuBapa dan Guru (Parents & Teachers Associations)