Monday, January 31, 2011

Titian Digital Discussion with ITU-UUM ASP COE for Rural ICT Development

30 Jan 2011 - Program Titian Digital held discussion with International Telecommunication Union - Universiti Utara Malaysia Asia Pacific Center of Excellence for Rural ICT Development at it's office in Sintok, Kedah.

Members of Program Titian Digital was welcomed by Assoc. Prof Wan Rozaini Bt Sheik Osman , Director of ITU-UUM .  PTD was represented by :

a) Mr Gunasegaran Kandaswamy - PTD Steering Committee Chairman
b) Mr Karuppiah Arumugam - PTD Project Director
c) Mr Arikrishnan Subramanian - PTD Project Manager
d) Mr Subha Rao - PTD Kedah Representative

While ITU - UUM delegate comprise of :

a) Assoc. Prof Wan Rozaini Bt Sheik Osman , Director of ITU-UUM
b) Assoc Prof Dr. Chek B Derashid,  Chairman Business & Community Development
c) Dr.Yuhanis binti Yusof, Chairman Research & Training
d) Dr Mohd Syazwan Abdullah, Fellow
e) Ms Stephanie , Reseacher
f) Mohamad Azlan bin Mohamad Nasrun, Administrative Officer
g) Muhammad Khairul Munawwar bin Ismail, Community Affairs Officer

The discussion was fruitful as both parties identified mutual area of work that could benefit community at large including training by ITU-UUM for PTD Trainers. ITU-UUM also agreed to extend their assistance to document PTD program as required by policy makers and international organization a step that will benefit users of Program Titian Digital.


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