Monday, January 31, 2011

PTD Visit to Kedah

Program Titian Digital members visited Kulim, Kedah on 29 -30 January 2011 to hold preliminary discussion and conduct survey at selected SJKT schools there.

We visit following schools and hold discussions in identifying possibility of setting up PTD Labs there.

Following schools was visited:

a) SJKT Ladang Bukit Sidim
b) SJKT Ladang Padang Mehia
c) SJKT Ladang Selarong
d) SJKT Ladang  Wellesley
e) SJKT Ladang Bukit Mertajam

We also hold discussion with well wishers and social entrepreneurs in the area to identify possible means of collaboration including coordination on behalf of PTD.

Discussion also held with other civil society organization and local champions to identify schools deserving schools , and ways to finance Program Titian Digital to schools that shown keen interest.

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