Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's Teach ICT to Kids

You may have notice my recent post on Digital Divide. Currently I'm working on a project called Program Titian Digital with HYO Port Klang and Malaysian Comminuty & Education Foundation (MCEF).

The United Nations' Annual Human Development Report 2001 which studied the relationship between technology and economic prosperity came to the conclusion that poor people need more innovation and access to technology, not less.

While at our home ground, a joint study by Monash University and Yonsei University , South Korea found that :

 a) People of Indian Origin have the lowest use of ICT among three ethnic group
 b) Government Assisted land scheme (Such as FELDA) has the highest ICT adoption rates: and on the other hand POP (privately owned plantations) has the lowest adoption rates

The study also suggest Government has vital role in providing access to appropriate ICT infrastructure for homes and schools in the POP . Does, that happen in Malaysia  where Information is the life blood of communities in knowledeg-intensive society. In many rural areas across the globe, weak and uncoirdinated ICT development plans not only hinder reasons for widening the knowledge and wealth gaps between rural and urban communities.

Realising the Important of ICT, Selangor State Government had sponsored some Labs to Tamil schools in the state.  While for other states are working NLFCS, Magnum, Astro, Rotary Club of Kelana Sg Ujung . Some lobbying also taking place at Federal level thou signal still look blank.

As a community can we let our rural /estate tamil school student in darkness knowing ICT will overtake. Only with ICT knowledge our community can leapfrog or be in par with others in coming days especially with government High Income Transformation plan. Do we want to see our community stranded again during next Economical Transformation tsunami.

Can we joint hand together sponsor a fully function ICT Lab. That has  41 terminals connected to a server, with table, chair, projectors, screen, Edu-Ubuntu /open source software. Do kindly visit for some details of the program.

We will be happy to organise a Hi-tea program in KL or PJ should there is keen interest from members of public  to explain further on our Initiative.

Appreciate if we can co-operate .

S. Arikrishnan

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